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~Blessed are the Angels~

Blessed are the Angels who walk with us,

He's been there.

though we are unaware,

Those people who take time to listen

... to understand and care.

Blessed are those with unseen halos,

earned through deeds of love,

For they will always be for us

Sweet Blessings From Above

Author Unknown

~Refuse to be distressed~

For when we are despondent

Our life cannot be blessed,

For doubt and fear and worry

Close the door to faith and prayer,

And there is no room for blessings

When we are lost in deep despair,

So remember when we are troubled

With uncertainty and doubt

It is best to tell our Father

What our fear is all about.

For unless we seek His guidance

When troubled times arise,

We are bound to make decisions

That is twisted and unwise,

But when we view our problems

Through the eyes of God above,

Misfortunes turn to blessings

And hatred turns to love.

--Helen Steiner Rice

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